PADI Course Director Training Course Prep (CDTC)

PADI Course Director CDTC Prep Course Koh Tao, Thailand

Price:  40,000Baht

  • Staffing credits – Staff 3 entire IDC’s
  • PADI Certs – Team teach to meet CDTC prerequisite PADI certs & conversion ratios.
  • Support of Project AWARE – Participate in our Marine conservation program
  • Support for Business Plan & Success Agreement
  • Introduction to PADI Regional Manager
  • Free fun diving**

Our PADI Course Director Training Course Prep is tailored specifically to each Master Instructor’s individual needs in order to meet the CDTC prerequisite criteria. Our objective is for you to produce a successful application and be accepted on the Course Director Training Course (CDTC)

Who can enrol on the CDTC Prep course?

A renewed PAD Master Instructor (MI)

What is included?

IDC staffing credits:

You will staff 3 entire IDC’s. We will focus on further developing your ability to organise & conduct IDC training sessions in a timely and efficient manner. We will also ensure your evaluation skills are in line with PADI staff to adequately prepare you for your evaluation sessions on the CDTC.  You will conduct the final counselling sessions with the candidates prior to the IE.

Teaching experience & continuing education ratio:

We will review the number of PADI certifications you hold and calculate your continuing education ratio as defined by the conversion ratio of entry-level divers to higher levels of training. (i.e. Adventure Diver, Advanced OW, Rescue, Divemaster, Assistant Instructor, Specialties, etc.) This will enable us to tailor a team teaching Internship focused on increasing your continuing education ratio to a level that will ensure you feature in the top 20 % when compared with other applicants, as measured by PADI. This team teaching Internship may include adventure, advanced & rescue courses as well as specialty courses.

Marine conservation:

As part of your CDTC you must demonstrate your support of the underwater environment and the Project AWARE Foundation. During your CTDC Prep course you will participate in our Marine conservation program. This program far exceeds the requirements of the CDTC application, so you are not just ticking the boxes but we’re giving you a level of knowledge above and beyond what is required for marine conservation by PADI but what, in reality should be expected of any successful PADI Course Director.


We will help you to:

  • Create and maintain a My Ocean profile on Project AWARE’s online conservation platform to document the above actions.
  • As a 100% AWARE Partner you can promote the Project AWARE version of the PADI Certification Card during your time with us.
  • Undertake Dive against Debris survey/s and submit data online.
  • Lead an Adopt A Dive Site.
  • Teach the AWARE Shark Conservation Diver and/or Dive Against Debris Distinctive Specialty.
  • Promote 10 Tips for Divers to Protect Our Ocean Planet.

Why IDC Koh Tao?


You will be learning from the most experienced and successful PADI Course Directors, dive centre management and marine conservation team in Asia Pacific. This ensures that you will have a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw upon during your CDTC Prep course and beyond.


Please bring the following materials with you.

PADI Specialty Course Instructor Manual (CD-Rom)

  • PADI Guide to Teaching (Paper version or CD-Rom)
  • Diving Knowledge Workbook
  • PADI Quizzes & Exam Booklets [Open Water, Rescue Diver, Divemaster]
  • Open Water, Advanced, Rescue Diver, Divemaster course Instructor Cue Cards
  • PADI Course Director manual
  • C/W & O/W evaluation slates

In addition you’ll also need a copy of the PADI Instructor Manual. The Instructor Manual is available as a free down load for all PADI Members that are renewed from


To become a PADI Course Director you must:

  • Be a certified PADI Master Instructor
  • Have issued at least 150 PADI certifications  – at least 50 continuing education certs, 5 rescue certs, 5 Divemaster certs and 15 specialty certs
  • Have staffed at least 2 Instructor Development Courses in full after IDC Staff Instructor course
  • Have participated in 3 PADI seminars
  • Be able to demonstrate support for PADI’s efforts within aquatic conservation
  • Be an EFR Instructor Trainer
  • PADI Dive Centre or Resort work experience
  • For 12 months before the course start date:

– Have no verified quality assurance complaints.

– Conducted all PADI certification courses and experience programs using methods consistent with PADI Standards and philosophy as outlined in the PADI Instructor Manual and PADI’s ‘Guide to Teaching.’

– Used the complete PADI System of diver education exclusively, including all appropriate PADI educational materials.

– Taught PADI Diver courses exclusively. Exceptions: students referred from other certification organisations for completion of entry-level training or certain technical, commercial and other courses not currently offered by PADI.


Selection Criteria:

All applications for the course are thoroughly reviewed and ranked.

The top ranking applicants are then selected to attend the course. The criteria listed below are used to evaluate each applicant’s experience, philosophical background and readiness to be trained as a PADI Course Director by demonstrating:

  1.  Understanding of PADI’s business of Instructor Development as defined by the Business Plan and Success Agreement and the interview conducted by ID staff.
  2. Support of PADI, its programs and Project AWARE as defined by affiliation with a PADI Resort and Retail Association Member, attendance at PADI sponsored seminars (programs conducted by PADI staff), i.e. Business Academy, IDC Staff Instructor Update, Business Development Webinars, etc. and leadership in ocean protection through Project AWARE i.e. Dive Against Debris surveys, maintaining an active My Ocean account, promotion of the AWARE C-Card, becoming a 100% AWARE Partner, organising a Finathon or My Ocean Challenge, teaching the AWARE Shark Conservation Distinctive Specialty and / or the Dive Against Debris Distinctive Specialty, etc.

The candidate’s past interactions with PADI and Project AWARE staff are also taken into consideration. Additional credit will be given to live attendance vs. online programs.

  1. Use of PADI’s educational philosophies as defined by the conversion ratio of entry-level divers to higher levels of training. (i.e. Adventure Diver, Advanced OW, Rescue, Divemaster, Assistant Instructor, Specialties, etc.)
  2. Experience as a PADI Instructor as defined by the total number of PADI certifications issued.
  3. Experience with the PADI Instructor training process as defined by the total number of IDC staffing experiences after certification as an IDC Staff Instructor.

Note: Prior Quality Assurance history and written examination scores will also be taken into account during ranking

Course Price: 40,000 THB

Course Price: 40,000 THB

Course Price: 40,000 THB

12 Times Platinum Rated PADI Course Director Matt Bolton

Most Competitive Rates Anywhere in Thailand

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Candidate Testimonials

"An Internationally Acclaimed PADI 5 Star Career Development Centre (CDC), this is a Dive Centre that provides you with an opportunity to change your lifestyle and develop a new career."


"Was a hard but great course! Thanks a lot again to all staff who teaches and prepared us so well, that finally the IE was easy going! Thanks Matt, Tina, Steph, Kenji, Steve, Manu and everybody else who supports us."


"They cater to your schedule during divemaster training so you can do it at your own pace and are also environmentally conscious which is an important factor. Anyone considering a professional career in diving should definitely consider Crystal."


"They are very dedicated, and were always there to help me with the theory, and to improve my scuba teaching skills. If you are still searching for a centre to do your IDC at, I recommend doing it with Matt."


"There was absolutely nothing that could have happened during the IE the candidates were not made very well aware of. Everything ran so smoothly for the candidates."


"It's a good decision to do your training with Matt, a lot of information is given and shared experiences. If you guys wanted to do IDC, I recommend doing it with IDC Koh Tao. Thank you for the amazing IDC."


"If you guy's are looking for good teachers and the best Course Director, this is the place..Thank you for guiding us, inspiring us and making us what we are today. Highly recommend."


"I enjoyed every single day of my IDC as well as my MSDT. Matt is an outstanding Course Director who goes all the way out for you, in preparation for the IE."


"The course was fun and you meet a bunch of new people, it’s not hard to fit in. When the day of the IE arrives, you don't even stress about it, because the Course Directors are the best."


"Did my IDC with Crystal Dive and IDC Koh Tao and I'm so happy I chose them. Matt Bolton made sure that there was lots of learning, training and laughs! I felt more than prepared for the I.E. And it showed!"

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