PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

PADI MSDT Instructor Internship Koh Tao, Thailand

Price: 22,000 THB

  • 5 PADI Instructor Specialty training courses
  • Instructor Internship team teaching alongside experienced PADI Master Instructors
  • Minimum 25 PADI certifications
  • Unlimited number of certifications
  • Free fun diving**

The PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) program is made up of two parts – the ‘Prep’ course – consisting of 5 PADI Specialty Instructor courses and the Instructor Internship program – a team teaching Internship allowing you to earn your first 25 PADI Diver level certifications as a PADI Instructor.

Who can enroll on the MSDT?

A renewed PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI)

What will you learn?

The MSDT Prep & Internship program has two distinct sections.

What is the MSDT Prep Course?

During the ‘Prep’ course, scheduled over 5 days, we teach you how to organise, conduct and market PADI Specialty Diver courses in 5 specialty areas. The program includes Knowledge Development presentations, similar to those you completed during your PADI IDC & IE. There is a standards review, specific to the PADI Specialty courses you have chosen. As well as presenting an academic presentation in the classroom you will participate in ‘in-water workshops’ related to the specific skills you will be teaching as part of the PADI specialty.

What is the MSDT Internship?

Once the Prep is completed its time for you to start the ‘team teaching’ Instructor Internship. Teaching all levels of the PADI System of diver education you build on the knowledge and skills gained during the PADI IDC. Team teaching alongside our team of experienced PADI Master Instructors, you slowly build confidence and all round teaching abilities dealing with REAL life students participating in REAL life PADI courses. Step by step, we allow you to teach more as you progress through each course, building confidence and competence teaching medium sized groups of diver level students.

Our ultimate goal is for you to become a confident and competent dive educator, organized and timely, able to teach the entire PADI system with the necessary experience that prospective employers are looking for. This program is sure to make you a more employable PADI Instructor!

What’s included?

  • 5 PADI Instructor Specialty training courses
  • Instructor Internship team teaching alongside experienced PADI Master Instructors
  • Minimum 25 PADI certifications
  • Unlimited maximum number of certifications
  • Free fun diving**

PADI Materials – please bring the following materials with you. You received these as part of the IDC Crew Pack

  • PADI Specialty Course Instructor Manual (CD-Rom)
  • PADI Guide to Teaching (Paper version or CD-Rom)
  • Diving Knowledge Workbook
  • PADI Quizzes & Exam Booklets [Open Water, Rescue Diver, Divemaster]
  • Open Water, Advanced, Rescue Diver, Divemaster course Instructor Cue Cards

In addition you’ll also need a copy of the PADI Instructor Manual. As of 2010, the Instructor is available as a free down load for all PADI Members that are renewed from

2018 PADI Fees

There are a number of application and examination fees which must be paid by the candidate directly to PADI.

PADI Instructor Specialty Application A$101 per specialty (minimum 5 x A$99)

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Application online A$128

Minimum 25 PADI certifications – to be certified as a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer you must have a minimum of 25 PADI certifications. If you are stretched for time you can still participate in the program and apply for the MSDT rating once you certify your 25th student.

Unlimited maximum number of certifications – we believe in performance based training. Our philosophy is not based on numbers of PADI certifications earned during the program, instead focusing on your personal development as a dive educator. Ideally you will have an opportunity to team teach all PADI Diver level courses plus a selection of the PADI Specialty courses you are certified to teach. We also encourage our MSDT’s to get involved with our ‘Divemaster in training’ program.

Free Fun diving – fancy a day off teaching and just fun dive? No problem. You are more than welcome to fun dive with us throughout the duration of the Instructor Internship program

Price: 22,000 THB

Our PADI Instructor Internship | Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT)

Most Competitive Rates Anywhere in Thailand

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Candidate Testimonials

"An Internationally Acclaimed PADI 5 Star Career Development Centre (CDC), this is a Dive Centre that provides you with an opportunity to change your lifestyle and develop a new career."


"Was a hard but great course! Thanks a lot again to all staff who teaches and prepared us so well, that finally the IE was easy going! Thanks Matt, Tina, Steph, Kenji, Steve, Manu and everybody else who supports us."


"They cater to your schedule during divemaster training so you can do it at your own pace and are also environmentally conscious which is an important factor. Anyone considering a professional career in diving should definitely consider Crystal."


"They are very dedicated, and were always there to help me with the theory, and to improve my scuba teaching skills. If you are still searching for a centre to do your IDC at, I recommend doing it with Matt."


"There was absolutely nothing that could have happened during the IE the candidates were not made very well aware of. Everything ran so smoothly for the candidates."


"It's a good decision to do your training with Matt, a lot of information is given and shared experiences. If you guys wanted to do IDC, I recommend doing it with IDC Koh Tao. Thank you for the amazing IDC."


"If you guy's are looking for good teachers and the best Course Director, this is the place..Thank you for guiding us, inspiring us and making us what we are today. Highly recommend."


"I enjoyed every single day of my IDC as well as my MSDT. Matt is an outstanding Course Director who goes all the way out for you, in preparation for the IE."


"The course was fun and you meet a bunch of new people, it’s not hard to fit in. When the day of the IE arrives, you don't even stress about it, because the Course Directors are the best."


"Did my IDC with Crystal Dive and IDC Koh Tao and I'm so happy I chose them. Matt Bolton made sure that there was lots of learning, training and laughs! I felt more than prepared for the I.E. And it showed!"

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